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Today: Friday, August 18, 2017

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 Melbourne Museum Discovery Centre A fun place to learn about interesting stuff. DISCOVERY CENTRE  First Peoples Bunjilaka’s exhibition on Victoria's First Peoples. FIRST PEOPLES GALLERY, BUNJILAKA Dynamic Earth Dynamic Earth Gold nuggets, giant crystals and uncut diamonds star in Dynamic Earth. SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY  600 Million Years: Victoria evolves How did life on Earth come to be the way it is and what happened in our part of the world? SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY Sam the Koala Sam the Koala The story of Sam the Koala has touched millions of people across Australia and around the world. SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY Wolf Wild: Amazing animals in a changing world Be surrounded by the wonderful diversity of mammals, birds and reptiles from around the world. SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY Dinosaur Walk Dinosaur Walk Walk amongst skeletons of amazing animals from the past. SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY Melbourne Story The Melbourne Story Explore Melbourne’s unique and changing tale. MELBOURNE GALLERY The Mind The Mind: Enter the Labyrinth Explore the workings of the mind by entering a world of emotions, thoughts, memories and dreams. MIND AND BODY GALLERY Harlequin bug Bugs Alive! Explore the amazing world of insects and spiders! SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY Porcupine fish Marine Life: Exploring Our Seas Come and have a deep sea experience. SCIENCE AND LIFE GALLERY Human Body promo The Human Body Explore the wonder and fascination of the human body. MIND AND BODY GALLERY CSIRAC CSIRAC – Australia’s First Computer The world’s oldest complete computer. MUSEUM THEATRE FOYER Fern in forest gallery Forest Secrets Discover the hidden stories of Victoria’s mountain forests. FOREST GALLERY Darwin's Great Pampa Finch Darwin to DNA Explore the processes and mechanisms of evolution. EVOLUTION GALLERY 123 Grow exhibition at Melbourne Museum 1, 2, 3, Grow Children can explore how plants, animals, minerals and humans grow. CHILDREN'S GALLERY Pasifika sails Te Vainui O Pasifika Te Vainui O Pasifika includes watercraft objects from nearly every country in the Pacific. TE PASIFIKA GALLERY Colonial Square Colonial Square 25 ornate remnants of a once magnificent building. MUSEUM PLAZA  Phar Lap – A True Legend Phar Lap is Melbourne Museum's most popular object. MELBOURNE GALLERY

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